Frequently Asked Questions

What does your agency offer?

Our companionship service is dedicated to pairing delightful women who provide their companionship in various settings, both public and private, for a mutually agreed-upon duration with sophisticated gentlemen. Our goal is to fulfill your desires and dreams. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss any specific preferences or requests you may have.

What are the ladies' services?

Our ladies offer a variety of services, each with unique preferences. Due to this, we haven’t listed specific services on our new website. If you have special requests, please contact us. We’ll gladly provide recommendations based on your wishes and passions. Feel free to reach out to us through our booking form or via email.

Are the photos on your site real?

Yes. What you see is what you get! Every lady joining us has a free photo shoot to get her authentic photos for her profile. We don’t believe in editing the photos much or using filters etc. so you can see how ladies look. In order to ensure that the ladies match their profiles, someone from our agency meets all ladies personally before creating their profiles online.

Why can't I see ladies' faces?

We value discretion above all and ensure it for both our clients as well as ladies. Our agency only works with occasional escorts who also have private and professional lives. If you reach out to us about a booking we are more than happy to provide you with clear photos.

How do I become a verified client?

For us, a verified client is one who has worked with us before and received an OK from our ladies. If you have references from other ladies you have met or are recommended by our verified client we are happy to consider that.    

What is the booking process and the best way to make a booking?

To request an appointment with our ladies, the simplest method is to click the Book a meeting button on your chosen lady’s profile and fill out the booking form. Or, you can visit our booking page and complete the form directly. For optimal matchmaking, we encourage clear and detailed requests, providing as much information as possible about your wishes and passions.

While direct email communication is an option, please be aware there is a chance of emails landing in spam. We make an effort to check it regularly to ensure timely responses for everyone.

Our deposit policy

We generally ask for a deposit of at least 20% of the final fee for any date with a new client.

The same 20% deposit applies to all bookings outside the city where the lady is based and she has to travel.

Please understand that we want to ensure that the meeting takes place for our ladies.

What are the payment options/process?

If you want to pay in cash, please hand the agreed fee discreetly to your companion without being asked always at the beginning of the appointment. In agreed currency (usually Euros), in an unsealed envelope. Or put the envelope in a visible place where the lady can see it and take it. If you are meeting in public please consider putting the envelope in a small gift bag for discretion.

There can’t be any negotiation of rates upon the arrival of your chosen companion. This is inappropriate and may not be well-received. While we aim to create a trusting relationship with our clients, the companion may feel the need to verify the agreed-upon sum, we hope for your understanding and request that you don’t take offense.

Many ladies find the moment of handing over money uncomfortable, which is why they prefer cash-free dates and are happy when the agency takes over the entire financial process for them. We therefore ask you to transfer the money in advance or pay by credit card. We will hold it until the meeting and once you are together transfer it to your companion.

If the money has not been received in our business account by the day and time of the appointment at the latest, please give the remaining fee to the lady in cash in an envelope at the start of the meeting.

Our cancellation policy

Please only submit a booking request if you are sure that you can keep the requested date. Our ladies make the effort and change their plans for you to make the date possible.

If an appointment is canceled 48 hours or more before the booked date, a cancellation fee of 200 euros will be due plus any costs for booked tickets. The remaining amount of your deposit will be promptly returned to you or can be used for your next booking depending on your wishes.

If an appointment is canceled less than 48 hours before the booked date, your deposit will not be refunded.

Available payment methods

For deposit: PayPal, Revolut, Wise, Waster Union, or Bank transfers are accepted.

For meetings: Cash, PayPal, Revolut, and Wise can be accepted. But this differs from lady to lady, so if you wish to use a different payment then cash please let us know in advance.


Which currencies do you accept?

We prefer Euro payments, but we also accept Pounds Sterling and US Dollars. If you intend to pay in a currency other than Euro, please notify the agency in advance. This way, we can provide you with the precise amount based on the exchange rate on the day of the transaction.

What are the travel expenses?

Travel costs are always fully covered by the client. The travel costs are mentioned in the ladies’ info we provide along with their passions. They vary based on where our companions live. If the meeting is outside the city where the selected companion lives travel expenses are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

You can either buy the tickets for your companion your self, but in some cases, we prefer to take care of booking the flight or train tickets for your companion.

What if I want to prolong a meeting?

The time with your companion has flown by and you don’t want to separate from the woman of your dreams yet? Then you can ask her directly for an extension. If you agree, please give her the difference before the extension begins.

What are the ladies availabilities and how much in advance should I book?

The general rule is: as soon as possible, but at least 24 hours in advance.  We only have occasional escorts at our agency, and we need to ask them on a case-by-case basis. For that reason, please contact us at least a few days before to arrange the date, but can also be weeks or months before. 

Especially if the lady is traveling for a long time, you should give us enough time to plan and for her to prepare.

If you are looking for a same-day date please contact us as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee that a meeting with your desired lady will happen but we will do our best.

What if the lady doesn't meet my expectations, can I cancel?

Due to our strict selection criteria for companions, the accuracy of the photos and descriptions on our website, and our efforts to ensure compatibility between escorts and clients, situations requiring a cancelation are rare. 

However, in the unlikely event that you feel the need to cancel a meeting,  you are free to do so. Please do so immediately or within the first 15 minutes without any activities taking place. Please inform the agency promptly and reimburse the lady with a minimum of 100€ (if in the city where she is based) or cover her travel costs and accommodation (is she traveled to the meeting).

Duos and couples meeting

It all depends on the lady. While most of them enjoy the company of women and couples, some are truly ‘bisexual,’ and others exclusively prefer heterosexual encounters. If you are interested in exploring these options, please get in touch with us.

Please note, that a date involving a couple, regardless of whether your partner is your wife, girlfriend, or an escort from another agency, includes an additional charge of 20% on the selected lady’s rate.

For duo dates with two ladies from our agency, each lady will receive her regular fee for the agreed time, along with an extra gift based on their individual preferences.

Do I get the contact details for the lady?

Only in the case of a fully confirmed meeting. And a maximum of 3 days before the meeting takes place, not sooner. We will let you know which method of communication the lady prefers and the contact info needed for it. Deosnt need to be her number, or email, can be a handle on Tregram.

Please respect her time, getting in contact before the meeting is a courtesy. Only reach out to introduce yourself and confirm the time/place of the meeting. Or in case you are spending more time together to discuss possible plans if you wish to know her input.

Never call the lady without her prior agreement and only in case it is truly needed.

Can I meet a lady at her place?

No, sorry. Our services are exclusively tailored for outcall experiences. We specialize in organizing dates at your hotel or private residence. Unlike some other agencies, we do not offer incall arrangements. Our high-class escorts are dedicated to meeting you outside and ensuring memorable experiences. 

I would like to give my companion a present, what would make her happy?

You can explore your companion’s profile for gift suggestions.

Need further assistance? Feel free to get in touch with us. With our knowledge of our ladies, we’re more than happy to guide you in choosing the ideal gift.

Does your agency and the ladies have and reviews?

Yes, we do! You are free to look up reviews on Theeroticreview, OpenAdultDirectory, InternationalSexGuide, and others. Or ask us for reviews our clients shared with us privately.

Can I leave a review or share my comments with you?

We value client feedback, whether positive or negative, as it plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of our services and planning exceptional meetings. Feel free to share your thoughts privately with us or post a review online for other like-minded gentlemen to consider. Your input is highly appreciated.

What do the ladies expect of me?

All ladies pay great attention to their own personal hygiene and expect the same from you. They are also looking forward to a charming and polite man who will take them out in style and with whom they will have a wonderful time.